• Steinberg Dorico CG (Cross Grade)

Please note that, effective 1 October 2017, PreSonus Notion is no longer a qualifying product for the Dorico crossgrade.

Qualifying products include full retail or academic/educational licenses for Sibelius and Finale; additionally, Sibelius users who have had an active monthly subscription for more than 12 months also qualify. No version of PreSonus Notion, its cut-down versions (Protégé and Progression), or its iOS version qualifies. No cut-down version of Sibelius (Sibelius Student, Sibelius First, G7) or Finale (Allegro, PrintMusic, Songwriter, or Notepad) qualifies.

In order to qualify for the educational price for the Dorico crossgrade, even if you hold an academic/educational license for your qualifying software, you must also be eligible for educational pricing under the criteria described here.

You will be required to supply evidence that you hold a license for the qualifying product and, if appropriate, proof of eligibility for educational pricing when purchasing from the Steinberg Online Shop, or when purchasing from an authorized Steinberg reseller.

What is Dorico?

Dorico is the scoring software for the 21st century. It helps you write music notation, producing printed results of exceptional quality – and plays it with breath-taking realism.

Dorico is easy enough for anyone to learn, yet has hundreds of advanced notations, features, options and sounds to satisfy the most demanding professionals. In the future, no-one will use anything else.

AI for music

Dorico is like a driverless car. Its artificial intelligence does all the tiresome work for you, leaving you free to sit back and create.

Just as you won’t have to think about steering, pedals and indicators, Dorico expertly handles notation, engraving, playback and part preparation for you. You’ll wonder how you ever put up with map-reading or changing gear. And you’ll shake your head at the hours you used to waste fixing rhythms and ties, tweaking engraving, searching manuals and on complex workarounds.

Fast, streamlined and effortless – Dorico feels so natural, you’ll soon forget you’re using software at all. Soon, driverless cars will be everywhere. And everyone who writes music will use Dorico.

Notation & engraving

Effortlessly write music and produce clear, elegant pages that rival the finest traditional music engraving.


Dorico fits the way you work to help you reach maximum efficiency – whether you're on the move with your laptop, or using a complete studio set-up.

Features in depth

Dorico has many unique and innovative features not found in any other software. As it’s new, we are still adding features needed for some kinds of scores. In particular, if you are writing music for guitar, Dorico does not yet support guitar tab or chord diagrams (also sometimes called fretboard diagrams or chord boxes). Also, for jazz, Dorico does not yet support rhythmic slashes, or articulations commonly played by brass instruments such as scoops, falls, doits, and plops.

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Steinberg Dorico CG (Cross Grade)

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